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Hanne Olsen - 23 year-old girl living and working in Oslo, Norway.

Specialities are illustration, front-end developing and web design. View my resumé.

Selected Work

Period: May 2010 / webdesign, illustration, movie / Amnesty International Campaign Website / View details Show project

"You shall not sleep." Task was to create a website for the campaign "Du må ikke sove", a line from a poem.

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Period: February 2010 / webdesign, illustration, gallery / Diana Wasenius Portfolio / View details Show project

Galleries and working with images and image cutting. Make a website for a fake photographer Diana Wasenius.

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Period: March 2010 / CSS, Javascript / Javascript Watch / View details Show project

Creative code assignment. We could make anything we wanted with "animations" in javascript.

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Period: September 2009 / illustration / Working With Colours - Circus / View details Show project

Part of an assignment to make pictures of colour blocks from different keywords. This one is Circus.

Period: February 2010 / webdesign / TodaysPicture / View details Show project

Assignment to create a gallery for a fictive website called todayspicture.

Period: November 2009 / webdesign, illustration, movie / Mozart Information Page / View details Show project

Assignment was to create an informative page about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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Period: September 2009 / illustration / Layout, Own Webdesign Company / View details Show project

We were going to create layouts (images only) portraying a strength within the field of webdesign. I chose a graphical strength.